Archer's Poudre River Resort

Poudre River Resort 4 Wheel Drive Trails

    More people are taking advantage of the adventures and challenges that 4 Wheeling in Coloradoís rough and tumble back country has to offer.

There are 58 miles ranging from scenic to difficult found around Archerís Poudre River Resort. However, the variety that Mother Nature offers can not only provide some fun and beautiful surroundings, but difficult situations as well.  The trails are rated to help determine your ability to navigate the wilds:

     EASY: Suitable for all stock four wheel drive utility vehicles with high ground clearance and low range.

     MODERATE: Suitable for most stock sport utility vehicles with high ground clearance.  For the toughest moderate trails, factory skid plates, tow hooks, and all terrain tires are recommended

    DIFFICULT: Suitable for some stock sport utility vehicles with very high ground clearance, excellent articulation, tow hooks, and a full skid plate package.  Mud Terrain Tires are preferred. A winch or differential lockers are recommended for the most difficult trails.

     Seven Mile Road 225: Moderate. This 5 mile trail crosses the seven mile creek several times and has rocky sections which require careful tire placement. Be aware that the shallow water crossings can become deeper in the spring. Overgrown trees and brush create narrow spots in the road. Your vehicle may get scratched. This trip takes about two hours. Services: Restrooms are located at Archerís Poudre River Resort, 2 miles west of Rustic.

     Kelly Flats: Difficult. This trail is one of the Hard Core trails in Northern Colorado.  Body damage may occur, especially through the chutes.  This trail climbs steeply out of the Poudre River Valley and wind for a considerable distance across the beautiful views of high ridge of Mummy Mountain Range. This trail is just under 11 miles long and can be driven in 3 to 4 hours.  This trail is normally closed Mid November to late May. Services: Public toilets at the Kelly Flats F.S. Campground prior to reaching the trail and at the western end of the trail, when dry is ideal for mountain biking.

     Green Ridge Road: Difficult.  This trail is very muddy with several extremely long water troughs. As a side note, hidden under the water are large rock, tree stumps and unknown surprises.  The trail is fairly flat, gradually rising and falling between 9,500 ft and 10,000 ft.   Fishing is allowed at Lost Lake. Services: There is a modern pit toilet at the start of the trail. This spot is popular for snowmobiles in the winter.

     Ballard Road: Moderate.  This trail is about 6 miles long. The lower portion of the road is fairly easy; however when you get to the upper portion of the trail, the trail becomes narrower and rockier.  Branches will brush up against your vehicle. Services: Located at Archerís Poudre River Resort, 33 miles west up the canyon from Tedís Place.

For more information about the thrills and excitement that the Archerís Poudre River Resort and Backroading can offer, please call us at 970-881-2139 or Toll Free at 888-822-0588.