Archer's Poudre River Resort


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chapel      The historic Poudre Canyon Chapel, using native stone which compliments the beautiful back drop of the Poudre Canyon combined with the 1905 Oak baptismal font create a unique and historical place.  What started as a local community effort in 1953 to build this chapel soon captured the interest and participation from visitors around the state.  Two visiting worshipers, who happened to be rock masons, volunteered to teach the locals how to lay rock. 
     A visiting Presbyterian minister working at Colorado State University was looking for service work that students in his care might perform.  His students took on the task of gathering rock for the chapel walls.

      As funds became available, the work progressed.  Tools were donated, and volunteers came ongardenscheduled work days.  Area residents who owned trucks hauled rock, gravel and sand. Children gathered and burned sage brush.  Women and children helped dig for the footings and stronger backs moved heavy boulders from the site.  Men, woman and children working together toward the common goal of building their church was a gratifying experience for all. 

      Regular church services began at the chapel on Sunday July 12, 1959Summer services havechapelcontinued since that first formal gathering when 119 names were signed in the guest book.  Church services continue today at this beautiful testament to the men, women and children who made it happen.

     The School house next door to the Chapel closed as the number of children in the canyon diminished.  That structure is now put to good use as The Poudre Canyon Community Center.  It is available for meetings or family gatherings.  Donations cover the cost of use.  Saturday night bingo keeps the locals, and visitors alike,     The Poudre Canyon Chapel and Community Center is located approximately 1 mile west of Archer’s Poudre River Resort. For more information or to make reservations for your stay in Scenic Poudre Canyon.