Archer's Poudre River Resort


Colorado offers you a variety of opportunities from the soaring Rocky Mountains, refreshing alpine lakes, historic crossroads, or enjoying the nationally designated wild and scenic river of the Poudre. You can set your pace, outline your destination and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. 

Cache la Poudre – North Park Scenic Byway.

Time: Full day/ Mileage: 110-220

Only the most beautiful roads are selected as Scenic Byways, and Colorado Highway 14 from Fort Collins to the town of Walden in North Park truly deserves this honor. The beautiful Poudre Canyon, the Poudre River, vast forest and high peaks mark this route. Stop at the Home Moraine Geological site, an area carved by glaciers, and keep an eye out for Bighorn sheep. About 50 miles up the canyon, the road drops over the 10,000 foot Cameron Pass into the vast North Park Valley. You'll want to stop a moment and admire Nokhu Crags. This beautiful high ranch country is filled with cattle, wildlife, rivers, lakes and wilderness. And don't forget to check the status of the area's moose viewing at the State's Moose Visitor Center, just right up the road from Archer's Poudre River resort.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Time: Full day/ Mileage: 80-180

The Peaks of the Rocky Mountain National Park soar to more that 13,000 feet and form the Continental Divide. The town of Estes Park sits at the eastern edge of the park. Rock Mountain National Park covers over 410 square miles and includes Longs Peak ( 14,255 feet high), 18 named peaks above 13,000 feet, 150 named lakes, and the highest continuously paved highway in the U.S. – Trail Ridge road. This road is usually open from Memorial Day until early October. The visitor's center provides information on the history, environment and recreational opportunities in the park. 

Into the High Country

Time: Half-full day/ Mileage: 90 – 120

As you head up the canyon, you leave behind the short grass prairie and enter the mountain scrubland. In the winter, bighorn sheep live on the shrubby northern side of the canyon from below the Narrows to Rustic. Pingree Hill road takes you from Rustic to Red feathers Lakes, an area settled in 1871 as a mining camp. No mineral were found, but people became attached to the beauty of the area. Stop at any one of the many lakes in the area, such as Bellaire Lake, Trap Lake, named for the favorite spot of the mountain men in the early 1800's. The Deadman Fire Lookout, constructed by the Civilian Corps in the early 1930's, is now a favorite climb for tourist. Also take time to visit the Great Stupa at Rocky Mountain Shambhala Center. The 108 foot tail memorial is the most significant example of Buddhist sacred architecture outside of Asia, and annually host thousands of visitors from around the globe.

And at the end of the day, you can park yourself at Archer's Poudre River resort and quietly enjoy the canyon's beauty as you listen to the Cache la Poudre rush by you!