Archer's Poudre River Resort

Poudre Canyon Fish Rearing Unit

Five miles up the Canyon from Archer’s Poudre River Resort you will see the Colorado Division of Wildlife Poudre Rearing Unit.  The fingerling trout are brought here from the hatcheries to be nurtured in a controlled environment. Numerous Rearing Ponds and channels are situated throughoutfish rearing the property.  The individual ponds are utilized for trout in varying stages of growth.  Children and adults alike will enjoy watching the interaction of the trout among themselves as they navigate the different channels as well as at feeding time.  There are various feeding station in each area.  Visitors can purchase food on site and participate in providing “breakfast, lunch, or dinner for the young trout.

     Visitors are welcome at all Division of Wildlife hatcheries and rearing units.  SomeTrout hatcheries offer self-guided tours, while others have tour guides during certain times of the year.  It is recommended that you write or call ahead to learn what is offered at the hatchery or rearing station that you will be visiting.  To enhance your experience, some educational materials are available at all hatcheries and rearing stations.

     Large groups (Scouts, 4-H clubs, school groups) are asked to call their hatchery or rearing unit of choice at least two weeks prior to visit.  This will help ensure that a sufficient supply of educational materials is on hand and that your group has a coordinated, enjoyable experience.

     We have always found the staff at the “Poudre Rearing Unit” fishrearingin Poudre Canyon to be very informative and anxious to share their expertise with us wherever we have visited.  Their address and phone number is as follows:








Poudre Rearing Unit
38195 Poudre Canyon
Bellvue, CO  80512
Arlene Ganek 970/881-2187