Archer's Poudre River Resort

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  "I had the opportunity to challenge myself on a hike of the Greyrock trail.”

    “The reward I found at the top of the summit was priceless.”

    “I felt that I could see forever, and it gave me a sense of power and accomplishment”

    Excerpts from an article written by Jenn Jurewicz published in the Road and Travel magazine.


    Nestled in the beautiful Northern Colorado Rockies, The Archer’s Poudre River Resort offers you more that 32 miles of trails with varied difficulty, picturesque beauty and the chance to see wildlife all within close proximity to the resort. This gives you many avenues to challenge yourself during the day and relax to the sound of the Poudre River serenading you at night. 

                 Some of the trails that you can choose from are:

     Greyrock National Recreation Trail- 3.0 Miles: This trail rises steadily from the Poudre Canyon to the summit of Greyrock Mountain. You have great views of the Front Range peaks and the plains to the east. Elevation gain 2055 feet.

    Youngs Gulch Trail – 4.0 Miles: An excellent mountain bike ride with over 20 stream crossings. Elevation Gain 1160 Feet. This route is very popular for biking and hiking.

    Dadd Gulch Trail – 3.0 Miles: This trail is packed with action. It climbs through secluded mountain forest and connects with Crown Point road. This is a great Jeep and stock Trail. Elevation Gain 1400 Feet.

    Roaring Creek Trail – 5.0 Miles: This trail is a moderate climb with an elevation gain of 2300 feet. It is easy to see why this trail is so popular with the beautiful scenery, bridge crossings, and the Big Horn sheep, moose or other wildlife unique to the area.

    Big South Trail – 6.5 Miles: An excellent Backpacking trip or it can be an outing for the day. What makes this trail so exceptional is that you can find excellent fishing from the Long Draw Reservoir which can be reached from the south end of the trail.

    Trapp Lake Trail – 4.0 Miles: The trapp park trail follows an old road to the trapp park area. Trapp park is bounded by Flat Top Mountain and Iron Mountain and is surrounded by Neota Wilderness.

    Zimmerman Lake Trail – 1.5 Miles: Pictured in the 1907 and 1911 postcards titled the history of Larimer County, this place as long been a sight of natural beauty and an abundance of wildlife. Today, Zimmerman Lakes is a popular recreation spot.

    American Lakes Trail – 4.2 Miles: Just below Snow Lake are the two Michigan Lakes, sometimes called American Lakes, that form the headwaters of the Michigan River. You drive beyond Cameron Pass to the Crags area and take the road to Agnes and American Lakes. Begin hiking along the Michigan River over an old abandoned logging road. In addition to the high peaks that are continually visible from the trail, you make several long switchbacks, have stream crossings and even visit an abandoned sawmill and broken down shacks.

    Lake Agnes Trail – 1.7 Miles: For a short hike to Agnes Lake you drive .7 miles from the highway. Turn South. Drive uphill over a narrow, steep, winding road, 1.2 miles to Agnes cabin and Lake Agnes trailhead. The cabin can be rented on a nightly basis from Colorado State Forest for a reasonable rate. Reservations are a must. This trail begins next to the cabin and immediately crosses and recrosses the stream. You hike below the eroded slopes of the Crag. And you make several switchbacks. A great day trip!

    What could be better than relaxing in your cabin after an exhilarating hike in Mother Nature? Archer’s Poudre River Resort provides you with all of the comforts of the indoors while being nestled in the beauty and aroma that the outdoors has to offer. For more information about the various hiking trails located around Poudre Canyon or about Archer Poudre River Resort, please call us.