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Want that Native American Indian Flair to your Wedding?

Native Americans express their respect for nature through poems, prayers and symbolic traditions.  You can capture that same feeling by including some of their rich traditions set deep in the beauty of Nature.

In Pueblo ceremonies, couples would drink nectar from the double spouted Wedding Vase.  Each spout represents the bride and groom and the looped handle represents the unity of marriage.
Navajo communities used corn meal to enhance fertility.  The white corn meal represented the male and yellow corn meal, the female.  The Navajos combined the two meals into a corn mush and placed it into a wedding basket before the ceremony.
Alogonquin tribes preferred to hold their ceremonies outside or in a ceremonial lodge.
Many different tribes used poetry and prayer as part of their ceremony. For example:

Apache Wedding Prayer
Now you will feel no rain,
For each of you will be a shelter to each other.
Now you will feel no cold,
For each of you will be warmth to each other.
Now there will be no loneliness,
For each of you will be companion to each other.
Now you are but two bodies,
But there is only one life before you.
Go now to your dwelling place,
To enter into your days of your togetherness,
And may your days be good and long upon the earth.

To make your own wedding special: