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Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking

As you journey down the Cache la Poudre River, Colorado’s only Nationally Designated Wild and Scenic River, you will be amazed at the 500 foot high granite walls, or marvel at the abundance of wildlife, HOWEVER, between the excitement, breathtaking views or exhilarating challenges that the river has to offer, you may not realize that you are getting an education as well. Only rivers of exceptional character and in an undeveloped state are eligible for the wild and scenic classification and of those nominated only a very few are enlisted in the program. Therefore only a small number of outfitters are licensed to do business on this river. This uncrowded atmosphere will contribute to your WILD and SCENIC experience. Tom Bol, a freelance writer for the Kayak and Canoe Magazine states that “The recreational value (i.e. kayaking and canoeing) on the Poudre River offers more than quality boating from boulder choked Class V boating to easy access scenic Class III water.  Even though it is only 15 minutes away from a city of 125,000 people, you would never know it.

Hollywood comes to the Colorado Poudre River:

     The uniqueness of the Cache la Poudre River has drawn the attention of Hollywood Film Makers and Producers.  TV and Film Credits – The Outfitters at Wanderlust Whitewater Rafting contributed their expertise to the filming of: Walker Texas Ranger, National Geographic International, MSNBC’s online state magazine and local news stations.

      The majority of rafting trips take place from May through August.  The classification of the rapids do very with the amount of snow melt from Cameron Pass and the mountain peaks.  The International Rapids Rating Scale is as follows:

Class I – Easy. Fast moving water with riffles, small

Class II – Novice, straightforward rapids, wide and clear channels.

Class III – Intermediate. Rapids moderate, irregular waves.

Class IV--Advanced. Intense, powerful rapids, precise handling.

Class V – Expert. Long, obstructed, violent rapids.

Licensed Outfitters:

Mountain Whitewater Descents

      This outfit has a special use permit from the Roosevelt National Forest.  All of their guides have first aid, CPR and Swift Water Rescue Certifications.  They are experienced in navigating the Cache la Poudre River and they can offer you some of the “closest, most exciting, and still somewhat unknown rafting in the state.”

Mountain Whitewater Descents

1329 North U.S. Highway 287

Fort Collins, Co  80524


Toll Free 888-855-8874

Wanderlust Whitewater Rafting

      Wanderlust has been in business for 24 years.  All of their guides average over 5 years experience. During the off peak season, they are teachers and outdoor professionals. 

      Hollywood comes to Colorado – T V and films credits: Walker Texas Ranger, National Geographic International, MSNBC’s online state magazine, local news stations.

Toll Free 800-745-7238

A1 Wildwater

      Safety, Excellence, Fun, and Adventure since 1982.  They also offer year round classes in kayaking. Each class is formatted to suit your personal needs.

A1 Wildwater

2801 N. Shields St.

Fort Collins, CO 80524


Toll Free 800-369-4165